McMaster perioperative program agreed to open two spots for fellowship program with certificate for two years for Saudi graduates in internal medicine, cardiology or anesthesia.

Program highlights:
– A comprehensive perioperative vascular clinical, educational and research program tailored to meet trainees’ individual interests and the Royal College Perioperative Medicine learningobjectives.
– Biweekly academic sessions.
– Perioperative journal club.
– Monthly challenging case rounds
– Preoperative clinics in Cardiology, Hematology and GIM for risk stratification, diagnostic testing or initiation of treatment.
– In-patient Perioperative Cardiology Service allows for co-management of surgical patients and close monitoring of high-risk patients in the CCU post-operatively.
– Postoperative ambulatory clinics for outpatient follow up of patients who suffer perioperative vascular complications. – Participation in several, active international randomized controlled trials focused on perioperative medicine, including: Exposure to study design, site recruitment, implementation and data collection, Patient recruitment, Data analysis and review, Manuscript preparation.
– Great opportunities to do 6-9 months electives in area of interest for example: heart failure, cardiac oncology, pain management or ambulatory GIM clinic.
– A 2-year MSc in Health Research Methodology is available for interested trainees who wish to extend their time at McMaster or to pursue this degree concurrently

If you are interested please contact
Abdulrhman on
WhatsApp +15149655771
McMaster Saudi representative

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